Our Purpose

The Tim Callahan Inspiration Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) public charity, non-profit foundation based in Jacksonville, FL. The sole purpose of the foundation is to inspire kids through the founders story of faith & determination. To also benefit a young child’s life through the development of sports. Showing kids to never give up, no matter what circumstance life throws at you. Our Foundation looks to benefit young children through the development of a winning attitude in sports. The foundation host FREE sports camps for boys & girls ages 5-15. We offer a variety of sports camps from softball, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, volleyball, etc. This is a great way for kids to get direction and advice by elite athletes & coaches that the kids typically would not be able to afford or have exposure to because of the high expense of sports camps. To also pull kids from the streets and show them that the world has something better to offer them. What better way to do that then with sports. We provide coaching from accomplished athletes and coaches (professional and or collegiate) to teach these kids fundamentals as well as proper techniques. Times of the camp will depend on which sport. I am dedicating myself to this foundation and inspiring our younger generation to become successful leaders such as yourself.

 We also give brand new sporting equipment to kids in need. We typically look for young athletes in need of new equipment for their particular sport. Big Brother Big Sister of Jacksonville usually provides us with a boy & girl each month. This has become a huge part of the Foundations main purpose. Seeing the joy we bring to each young athlete is a huge blessing. But it’s not possible without the help & giving from others.


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